Germany ECONOMY COLLAPSE, German Inflation At Highest Level.

Germany ECONOMY COLLAPSE, German Inflation At Highest Level.

In this video we will show you what caused the germany economy collapse and why is the german economy in collapse.

German inflation was at its highest in more than a quarter of a century in September, driven by high energy prices, data showed, as analysts warned that the energy crisis has yet to make itself fully felt.

Consumer prices, harmonised to make them comparable with inflation data from other European Union countries (HICP), increased by 10.9% on the year, the federal statistics office said.

That was the highest reading since comparable data going back to 1996.

German consumers have begun changing their shopping behaviour due to the jump in energy costs, according to a survey issued by the HDE trade association on Thursday, with 46% saying they had stopped buying certain products as a result and 60% increasingly taking advantage of offers when buying groceries.

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