The UK collapse has BEGUN…

The UK collapse has BEGUN…

UK families will go through some of the hardest moments in the country’s history.

They will be obliged to choose between skipping meals to get warm and heating up or living under poor conditions this winter.

The health care department in the U.K. is raising red flags and calling it the next crisis, a humanitarian crisis.

Surging energy bills and gas prices in the U.K. might lead to a catastrophic and unfortunate health crisis.

Some reports think that the lives of thousands of children and older peoples are under the threat of cold, illness, and death this winter.

Inflationary pressure, rising energy bills, and a health crisis on the horizon: that’s what experts call it now, a humanitarian crisis.

According to a group of experts, The Resolution Foundation, the U.K. will witness the biggest drop in living standards in a century.

The humanitarian crisis is escalating at a faster pace than ever seen before.

Thousands of British citizens will either endure cold and deplorable living conditions or go hungry during the long winter nights.

In this video, we will reveal the hard truth that threatens the standard of living of British families, its causes and its long-term results.

The Resolution Foundation’s group of experts published a frightening report on rising energy bills and their consequences on living standards.

According to the group’s experts, rising energy bills are most likely to increase this winter and shortly due to rising inflation and energy costs.

These aggressive increases by the regulations will in turn cause a significant increase in the number of people who live in absolute poverty.

According to the foundation, the total number of people who live in absolute poverty is 11 million.

This figure is expected to rise by 3 million over the next two years.

No one can deny the fact that the British economy is facing some hard difficulties starting from July 2022.

The U.K pound had posted its lowest prices compared to the U.S dollar, the lowest level since 1985.

The market analysis believes that the inflation rate will increase to 18% by the end of this year.

On top of that, the regulators are set to announce the new energy bills this week.

This will mean one or two things, and both are against economic growth and rebound.

The sharp increase in energy bills and poverty numbers will put massive pressure on British families.

According to the Institute for Health Equity, children and older peoples will be the first victims of soaring energy bills.

There will be a 10% decline in total household living standards in the U.K, meaning a reduction in heat or food conditions in one of the booths.

The Institute for Health Equity released another alarming report that suggests saving energy will cause serious health issues among children and older people.

Children in the British community will face serious educational and health problems, including lung damage and brain damage.

If the new prime minister Liz Truss doesn’t take action immediately, things will collapse sooner than expected.

In the past week, energy companies and labor & the Liberal Democrats have suggested the idea of freezing the bills.

This week, the prime minister announced that the government is preparing to commit 150 billion pounds to shield households and businesses from soaring energy bills.

The big question on most people’s minds now is:
Will these measures be enough to get us through the winter without increasing poverty, health problems and stopping the British collapse?


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