UK Retail Sector Is Closing In FRONT OF OUR EYES.

UK Retail Sector Is Closing In FRONT OF OUR EYES.

UK retail sector is closing in front of our eyes, as it has fallen to its lowest level in five years.

In this video we show you why there is a UK RETAIL CRISIS and why have retail sales fallen so much and what could happen if the market does not recover?

The UK economy will have to brace itself for a harsh winter. The pound has just hit a new low against the dollar for the first time in 37 years.

Fears of an economic recession in the UK have increased significantly over the past month following a series of unfortunate events, reports and macroeconomic changes.

Rishi Sunak, announced this week that the government will change its approach to reducing the country’s debt.

Experts say the Prime Minister’s approach could work, but on better terms, more or less. What the government seems to be ignoring is the main problem, the sharp fall in retail sales and the continuing decline in the value of the pound against the dollar.

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