Why is the whole CRYPTO MARKET crashing again today?

Why is the whole CRYPTO MARKET crashing again today?

The $2 trillion market cap value is now crashing, losing more than 60% of its market value.
Bitcoin is down, Ethereum is down, Coinbase is down, and Luna crashed.
What was a high-growth asset in 2018–2022 is now a high-risk asset.
Over the past 5 years, trading and buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been extremely profitable for traders and investors.
Young and adult investors gained thousands, some even millions, by selling and buying these currencies.
Nonetheless, historically high inflation and fears of an economic downturn made these assets unattractive.
Some investors are having mixed feelings about the future of the crypto market.
Some believe it’s just a reaction to the weak condition of today’s stock market. Others believe it was a scam. Cryptocurrencies are just a trend that people get bored of.
In this video, we will reveal why the crypto market crashed, the reasons, facts, and the future outlook of this market.

Inflation is now higher than it has been in four decades, the cost of building materials is increasing; the cost of groceries is increasing, and the cost of oil is increasing.
This week, the oil market posted a negative number, making three consecutive months of declining prices for the first time since 2020.
Add to the geopolitical tensions between the world’s largest economic forces, which include the U.S., China, Europe, and Russia.
These are the current challenges the stock market and crypto market face.
Unlike the stock market, the crypto market is independent, but in terms of growth and a brighter future outlook, it is attached to the ups and downs of the stock market, specifically the tech stocks.
In the first half of 2022, the crypto market erased a value of $2 trillion from its value, causing massive losses among traders.
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in terms of value and market share, dropped from $66.000 to below $20.000 last month.
As of today, Bitcoin is down by 57% of its all-time high; the same goes for Ethereum, which is down by 54%.
Last Friday, minutes after Jerome Powell, the FED chairman’s speech in Jackson Hole, on cryptocurrency crashes.
That takes us to the June Bitcoin crash, the Luna coin crash. In June, Bitcoin posted its largest decline over the past five years, trading below $20.000.
The Lune coin lost 99.99% of its market value; its price fell without warning or prior indications.
Add to that, the tech sell-off movement is due to rising concerns of a market recession.
The recession ghost is hunting assets and causing a sharp decline in their value.
The Terra Luna crashed from $120 to $0.02… The crash was seriously dangerous because, afterward, 80% of the crypto market coins and asset declines set new lows. And it’s all connected.
One of the reasons for the crypto market crash is higher interest rates and the sell-off movement.
Today, the crypto market’s two moving averages are in between a strong declining trend and a short-term, weak increasing trend.
The charts show that the increases in interest rates followed a decline in crypto asset prices.
The market’s volatility is increasing day by day. The semiconductor industry still suffers from low supply and strong demand, which affect the technology stocks’ ability to produce and deliver higher-than-expected results.
Investors are now turning their attention to less volatile assets, and some are even considering buying under the dip.
In May 2021, the stock market corrected that the S&P had set a new low below the 4.000 levels, which raised major concerns of an economic slowdown… Both the stock market and the crypto market experienced multibillion-dollar losses.
In terms of the future outlook, there is no single question because, unlike the stock market, the crypto market is much more unpredictable.
One day it can go up by 10%, and the next it can go down by 99%.
Yet, from our reading of the data, it’s expected that the market will likely experience a short-term decline in the next two quarters.
Yet, if the market rebounded, it is more likely to see a strong up movement in crypto assets.

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